This chart shows the sales history for Gainey Ranch real estate from the 1st quarter of 2003 up through the 1st quarter of 2019 . . . . 17 years of pricing history.  The go-go years of 2005-2006 drove average prices in Gainey up to their all-time high of $375 per square foot.  Then the market crash of 2008-2011 saw average prices drop back to $200 per square foot.  The real estate recovery since 2011 has seen Gainey prices return to the much healthier $300 per square foot mark.

Here’s an interesting comparison . . . take the real estate sales in Gainey Ranch’s zip code of 85258 for the first quarter of 2019.  For this quarter, there were 108 sales in the entire zip code for properties that were listed at $500,000 or above (a range very comparable to Gainey Ranch).  The average sales price for these 108 properties was $279 per square foot . . . 7% lower than Gainey Ranch’s $300 per square foot average.

So Gainey Ranch continues to command a premium value driven by its marvelous central location and its wonderful resort amenities.

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Frank Ellis