iL TOCCO Wine Dinner

Chef Gabrielle Bertaccini of iL TOCCO has done it again! For the third year in a row he has presented the Gainey Ranch Estate Club with a marvelous evening. If you haven't been to one of his hosted wine dinners, [...]

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Golf Cottages 34

Single level and all views! . . . Golf Cottages 34 is the perfect vacation retreat whether you're a winter visitor or a full-time resident. This beautiful condo sports a large south-facing patio for winter sun and warmth and views [...]

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2014 – The Year In Review

This past summer I posted the article "Summer Sizzles, Season Fizzles" referring to the fact that our snowbird real estate selling season here in Gainey (Jan-Apr) had been somewhat disappointing. Now that 2014 is over, let's look back and see [...]

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Just Where Is That Real Estate Shadow Inventory?

In real estate, the number of homes on the market is commonly referred to as the "inventory".  If there are a lot of homes on the market, the inventory is high.  If there are only a few homes on the [...]